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Our Services
We specialize in landscape design concepts to create the desired curb appeal for our customers. Because we understand the factors that different landscape regions offer, our 20 years of experience vaults us into position to promote the best results for native Texas landscaping plants and trees for our North Central region (DFW).

We use an assortment of natural landscaping materials for residential and commercial customers, treating each individual project with the professionalism it deserves...

Landscape Design & Install


We custom design landscapes based on request and pictures provided to us by our customers. We project manage our customers to achieve professional results for the lowest market price possible...

Custom Fence Building & Staining


We offer 4 Levels of customized wood fencing packages with clear coat all-weather (optional) stain finish, based on market value for wood type request for install or repair projects.

Irrigation Install & Repair

Sprinkler head and line repairs can usually be accomplished within 24hrs, all other inquiries for valve replacement, back-flow issues or redesigns, must be summited and will be made available to the nearest licensed irrigator (subcontractor with CBL&L) to fulfill the request

Pavestone & Paver Installation


We use all Pavestone and available natural flagstone products to enhance our retaining wall, borders, pathways, and patio designs and installs

Lawn Maintenance Services


Our Full Service Lawn Maintenance services are based on three services:

  1. Express Lawn Service Call 

    • mowing

    • trimming

    • mulching

    • blowing 

    • debris removal

  2. 40-week service plan (Weekly)

    • Express pkg, plus hedge & shrub trimming 

    • lawn fertilizing 

    • flower-bedding (weeding) and fertilizing) 

  3. 20-week service plan (Biweekly)

    • Similar to the weekly service. 

    • These services are based on the 52 week calendar year, whereas the service frequency in the winter months (Dec thru Feb) are reduced to single service days in those months

French-drain & Gutter Services

Services start at $5 per foot, plus gutter materials cost.

Sodding Services


Labor cost on are sodding projects are $75 per 50yd. pallet.

Sod cost is based on market value for sodding per pallet per vendor

Golfscapes by City Beautiful


We believe that making use of the available space that your property provides you can create an outstanding landscape for any avid golfer who wants to improve his or her short game...


No more car to the tee box moments! If applied, this area of landscape guarantee's to lower your overall scores. A good short game alway's make a competitive round of golf...

Inquire now to find out if your available space is a fit for you backyard short game practice and hitting area

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