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City Beautiful Landscape & Logistics (CBL&L) is one of four companies that is owned and operated by The Beautifully Connected Group Inc. (August 2018'). City Beautiful is set to journey into the future metroplex landscape markets by providing a comprehensive web site designed for residential and commercial consumers, who seek affordable landscaping alternatives from partnerships forged through established landscaping vendors who subscribe to the company’s Website.


About City Beautiful Landscape & Logistics

Our Mission

CBL&L is poised to create value added incentives to potential customers and vendors for the ultimate landscaping experience. As a liaison between customers and landscape vendors, value is added to existing  landscapers and start-up companies as well.

Our Value


By creating a reputation of honestly, integrity, and efficiency, CBL&L is an entity that gets results. By networking with local landscaping vendors for well over 13 years, and creating strong relationships with past and existing customers, value has been created because the company is known as a company that can be trusted.

Our Commitment


City Beautiful possesses superior information about the market and viable knowledge about the common attributes of astute and loyal customers.  This information will be leveraged to better understand its’ customer base, their specific needs, and how City Beautiful can better communicate.


Because of the relationships forged by past successes, the opportunities of a distinct competitive advantage can be achieved. Although success won’t be easy, financing and market presence can be accomplished by doing “Right things right.”

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